Bucket List

My Bucket List (in no particular order and shall be added to)

1)      Finish my degree

2) Make positive contributions to the world

3)      Get fitter

4)      Not be so untidy

5)      Learn to surf

6)      Backpack around…

7)      France

8)      Italy

9)      Spain

10)  Portugal

11)   North America

12)  South America

13)   Bali

14)  Australia

15)  Bhutan

16)  New Zealand

17)  Scotland

18)  Egypt

19)  Morocco

20)  Jamaica

21)  Israel

22)  Iceland

23)  Learn another language

24)  See the Northern Lights

25)  Do more charity work

26)  Learn to cook a few dishes really well

27)  Own a puppy

28)  Own a kitten

29)  Poach an egg without it turning to rubber

30)  Buy clothes for the homeless

31)   Go to more festivals

32)  Go swimming more

33)   Watch The Green Mile

34)  Make my hair more interesting

35)  Continue to attempt to stop biting my nails

36)  Learn the guitar

37)   Horse ride on a ranch

38)  Get better at N.T Greek

39)  Go air rifle shooting

40)  Have a massive bonfire

41)  Go cowrie hunting again

42)  Own a reptile again

43)  Watch the sunset and sunrise in the same day

44) Read A Thousand Splendid Suns

45)  Go on a proper camping holiday

46)  Make the mother of all photo albums

47)  Give blood (don’t faint!)

48)  Register as an organ donor

49)  Own a campervan

50)  Create a piece of art worthy of being hung up in my house

51)  Buy a DECENT camera and get back into photography

52)  Start and finish writing a book

53)  Own a onesie


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